Amazon Transportation Services Tracking by Tracking Number

Amazon transportation services tracking by tracking number – Get latest shipment status.Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s delivery service. Orders shipped by Amazon Logistics will display those shipped by AMZL_US. If you see the tracking number starting with “TBA”, it is delivered to Amazon Logistics.

Track Parcel / Order Number

After an order is shipped, you can track your packages on From the order section, you can find tracking information and order details. If an order includes more than one item, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

Amazon order tracking
You can track order from your Amazon Logistics order page. For more detailed help tracking your package, please follow the instructions below which will teach you how to get, copy and use the Amazon Logistics tracking link.

How to track Amazon India order

In order to track the Amazon Logistics order on any third party package tracking tool like ours, you must find and enter the tracking link or URL for your order.

Amazon shipping confirmation email
Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow tracking of its own deliveries with regular tracking numbers. This is why you should use the original tracking link that you received from Amazon.

Here’s how to track a delivery with Amazon Logistics ?

Open the Amazon shipping confirmation email in Mail.
Press and hold the “Track Your Package” link in the email. Select “Copy” from the menu.
Paste the Amazon tracking link in the search field above on this page. Your Amazon order details should be recognized.
Amazon Tracking Number TBA
Packages shipped to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico typically receive Amazon Logistics tracking numbers starting with TBA, TBM, TBC. For example TBA619685678000, TBC038022037009, TBAONT521541196.

These Amazon orders can only be tracked via the Amazon website / apps or you can track using the order tracking link, see the instructions above on how to use one.

Amazon Logistics USA tracking number
When you purchase an item,it is in a distribution center near you, Amazon uses independent delivery partners (much like Uber drivers), which they employ as than entrepreneurs.

TBA ID tracking is only possible on Amazon or via a special URL or web link that you can copy from your Amazon shipping confirmation email or from the Amazon Orders section. This link will allow you to track the package using our universal package tracking service.

Delivery information
If no one is at the address when trying to deliver, Amazon Logistics will leave the package in a secure location. If no secure location is available or if delivery requires the presence of a person, Amazon Logistics will send an email to the email address listed in the file. Amazon Logistics will make three delivery attempts over several consecutive days. If the third delivery attempt fails, your package will be returned to Amazon for a refund.

You may find that tracking will sometimes show that a package has been delivered, but you have not received it. In these cases, check whether the package has been left with a receptionist or a neighbor. To avoid disturbing you,their drivers will knock on the door, ring the doorbell or contact you directly for delivery only between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm local time.

What happens if an Amazon Logistics driver arrives but no one is at home?
It depends if the shipment requires a signature or the presence of a person. If these items are not required on the order, the driver will leave the package in a safe place on the porch or the doorstep.

If someone has to be present for delivery, Amazon Logistics will leave a “We Missed You” care and will make two more attempts in the next few days. On the third try, the delivery will be returned to Amazon and a refund will be made to the customer.

Does Amazon Logistics deliver on weekends?
Amazon Logistics is a 7-day service, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. delivery service. If a customer prefers to receive packages on weekends, they will have to update their preferences in the “Manage address book” area of ​​their administration settings. Under “Optional delivery preference”, they can select weekend deliveries as their preferred shipping method.

What should I do if the packages say delivered but the customer says they are not there?
Amazon Logistics tracking is not updated in real time, so if a customer cannot find a “delivered” package, there is a chance that it will arrive again in the next few hours. It may also have been left with a receptionist, at the reception of their building or with a neighbor if the client was not at home.

What is AMZL_US?
Amazon is a massive service. In 2017 alone, the company shipped more than 5 billion items worldwide. It is also a very efficient company, always looking for ways to reduce expenses and improve its supply chain (which translates into lower prices for its customers).

One big expense that Amazon faces is shipping. In the past, the company handled all of its shipments through third party carriers and delivery service providers. This could mean familiar services like USPS, FedEx or DHL, as well as lesser-known “last mile” services like Ontrac

While Amazon still makes many of its deliveries with these services, the company has also created its own shipping service. This is called Amazon Logistics (often abbreviated as AMZL). AMZL_US refers to all

AMZL_US refers to any delivery made by Amazon to the United States using its delivery service. Whenever you see “AMZL_US” associated with an Amazon order, it tells you that Amazon Logistics is the one who makes the delivery.

Amazon Transportation Services Tracking by Tracking Number – FAQ

How is AMZL different from other shipping companies?
In many ways, it’s similar. Like traditional carriers, AMZL delivers packages using ground transportation (usually vans or trucks). However, it differs on some key points. An important difference is that AMZL makes deliveries on Sunday, which the other carriers do not. This allows Amazon to offer its customers a service that would have been unthinkable in the past.

Another difference is that AMZL works with independent contractors. They complete deliveries through a program called Amazon Flex (It includes includes deliveries for other Amazon services like Amazon Fresh,Prime Now, and Amazon Restaurants). AMZL also subcontracts deliveries to Amazon Delivery Service Partners, which are essentially delivery franchises operating fleets of 20 to 40 delivery vans.

Finally, AMZL differs in that the company makes deliveries directly from Amazon warehouses. It is not necessary for a third-party carrier to receive a package at their establishment before sending it to customers (or for the postal service to send the package to a local post office).

AMZL can send packages directly from the main warehouse hub to customers. This increases Amazon’s delivery capacity, making services such as one-day and same-day delivery, as well as implementing Amazon Prime services such as two-day free delivery.

Amazon Transportation Services Tracking by Tracking Number

What to do if your AMZL package is late ?
While Amazon does everything in its power to deliver packages on time, an order sometimes arrives late or is delayed. When this happens, you have a few options. The first, of course, is simply to wait for another day or so. The package will arrive soon.

Sometimes, however, the package is too large to wait. Or, perhaps, something else happened that made it appear delivered even though it was never in your hands. Here are some possible reasons why your package might be late:

The delivery man was unable to deliver the package. This can happen if they can’t find the address (unlikely but sometimes happens in apartment buildings or in remote areas). This can also happen if the delivery of the package was not safe for the driver (aggressive dogs are a common cause of this problem).

The package went to the wrong address. This is very common mistake if you have multiple addresses in your Amazon account (such as the addresses of friends or relatives). It is also frequent mistakes for Amazon to fix, as they just need to send a new package with the updated address.

The package requires accompanied delivery : Some items require someone to be present for delivery. Generally, these are items whose recipient must be 21 (such as deliveries of alcohol) or which are highly perishable (such as deliveries of products, meat or restaurant).
Your apartment complex always sorts mail. If you live in a building with a reception, they may not have placed the package in your mailbox yet. However, Amazon will still technically display your package as “delivered” because someone from your apartment management has received it.

Someone stole the package. While this is not the most likely cause of a late package, it can happen. This is most common during the holidays, when many precious packages are sitting on people’s porches and steps.

We hope this guide will help to know about Amazon Transportation Services Tracking by Tracking Number.