Joom Tracking,Track Joom Order,Parcel Status

Joom Tracking,Track Joom Order,Parcel Status

Joom tracking to know parcel,package,order status online.Enter joom order tracking number to get latest shipment status.

Track Parcel / Order Number

Joom (or Joom) is one of the most ambitious international Internet projects from Russian developers. De jure, this is a large virtual marketplace, originally specialized in the delivery of cheap Chinese goods around the world.

What sets it apart from its biggest competitor, AliExpress, is its own app. The company initially occupied the niche of “mobile marketplace”. And often offers much more attractive prices than its “big Chinese brother”.

Joom Tracking,Track Joom Order,Parcel Status

E-commerce site Joom

Joom was founded in 2016. The very idea of ​​its creation belonged to the ex-director of the Odnoklassniki project Ilya Shirokov. As of 2020, it has three co-founders – Yuri Ivanov, Ilya Rubin and Ilya Shirokov.

In figures, the results of the work of “Joom” look like this:

Geography of delivery coverage – more than 100 countries;
the number of commodity items – more than 100 thousand;
The share of Chinese goods on the Russian market is 5.4% (against 86.3% for AliExpress);
· the number of active users per month – more than 25 million worldwide
The number of active users of the application is more than 250 million people.

Active growth of the project

The Joom application is already translated into 14 languages. The project is aimed at “conquest” of the whole world. The headquarters remains in Riga, but the number of official representations is growing every year. As of 2020, the company has 4 “external” offices in the main markets of the project – in Russia (Moscow), USA (Palo Alto, California), China (Shenzhen) and Luxembourg.

Since 2017, not only Chinese, but also Japanese, South Korean-made goods have been sold on the service platforms. In 2019, Russian sites were added here. True, their geography so far covers only Russia.

Own logistics channel

For more than 2 years – since 2018 – the marketplace has been servicing its orders using its own logical operator Joom Logistics. This is one of the first markets that offered its users “batch” deliveries. When several orders of one buyer (each costing from 2 US dollars in ruble equivalent) are formed into a common package and sent by air or ground transport to the recipient in one package.

Joom Tracking for ordered Items

Until 2019, only Joom mail items worth more than 2 US dollars could be tracked in the Russian Federation. Last year, the service agreed with the Russian Post on the possibility of tracking all parcels, including orders, the price of which does not exceed $2. You can track any shipments ordered through Joom applications to the borders of the Russian Federation.

Actually, tracking goods from the site is carried out in different ways.

The most obvious option is through the service’s own application. Here you need to go into the body of the order and copy the tracking number to paste it in the Joom Tracking line. The method is simple, but not the most convenient. Because the site, despite its growing popularity and a huge user demand for high-quality tracking, still updates delivery statuses for a very long time. It often comes to the ridiculous when in the application the package is still registered in China, although the recipient has already received a notification from the post office about the need to pick up the goods.

· If the products are delivered through Joom Logistics’ own channel, then you can find them on the website of the Internet platform or the operator itself. True, it will be possible to trace the movement of the parcel only to the Russian border.

You can also find your product on the website of a particular carrier. True, when changing the transport company (at the border of countries, for example), you will have to change the search site.

· Alternative tracking methods work better. In particular, on the search page, you can not only quickly find an order, but also track the entire path it has traveled by statuses that have already been translated into Russian. The service automatically determines the transportation service, even if it has changed, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of information about the carrier.

Which services are more likely to carry goods from Joom

According to one of the founders of the project, Joom faces two big tasks – to reduce local delivery to 1-2 days and international (from Asia to Europe) – to 2-3 weeks. To achieve these goals, the service has established active cooperation with almost all major carriers and courier services of the local and Western markets.

Its international postal items are most often carried by:

– China Post ;
-Fly Express;
– eParcel ;
-Yun Express.

· Russian parcels in 8 cases out of 10 are delivered by the company’s strategic partner, Russian Post. The remaining 20% ​​of delivery orders are usually divided among themselves:

– “Yulmart”;
– SDEK ;
-Top delivery.

Track number format tracking Joom shipments

Actually, the key condition for tracking shipments from Joom is the postal identifier that is assigned to each order when it is transferred to the carrier. It looks different depending on what service accepted the request for delivery. Options:

· Digital code. As a rule, indicates the participation in the process of companies providing express transportation (eParcel, SF Express). The track number itself usually consists of 12 digits (000123456789).

· Alphanumeric combinations. In the case of Yun Express, KWT Express begins with the first letters of the name of the transport service (examples are YT123456789012345678901 or KWTTLS123456789YQ). For Flyt Express, the track number looks like F12345678901234R.

· Standard labeling for international shipments. Often used by China Post and EC Express. It looks like LX123456789CN (LX is the class of departure, the numbers are the unique identification number of the parcel, CN is the identifier of the country of dispatch, in this case China).

Numeric codes in most cases indicate that the shipment can be tracked only by the country of dispatch. After passing through the Russian customs, it is usually no longer located (within 10-14 days, a notification should come from the post office).

Delivery via Joom Logistics channel

Unlike Amazon, Joom Logistics’ own service is not a single carrier. This is a channel that involves many participants in the process of shipping goods from China, but at the same time tracks the shipment process, consolidates orders from one buyer and forms packages. As part of the delivery through its own channel, the Joom marketplace uses one of two shipping methods.

1. Simplified Registered Mail (SRM, in decryption it sounds like Simplified Registered Mail). These are postal items (items worth $2-$5) that are trackable but have only three statuses:

– about the arrival of the package at the office in the country of dispatch;
-received by mail, the index of which is indicated in the delivery address.

2. Registered mail (RM/Registered Mail). She is sent goods that cost more than $5. Such postal items are tracked at each registration point.

Track numbers of parcels supervised by Joom Logistics usually have the classic look of international shipments such as AA123456789FI. At the same time, goods transferred in the SRM mode are usually identified by the first letters ZJ (ZJ*********HK). Registered RM packages are encoded as RY*********HK.

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