Track Amazon Order From Someone Else – Easy & Fast

Know how Track Amazon Order From Someone Else following these methods

Track Parcel / Order Number

When you order an item from Amazon you can easily track the order status from your main account dashboard. But it is difficult to get order delivery status if someone else ordered for you. Because you don’t have access to that particular account.Here we are going to mention some working methods which will help you to track your package.

4 Methods to Track Amazon Order From Someone Else

Method 1 (Route App)

If you want to track orders from Amazon and other online merchants, all you need is the route app! The route has incredible order sharing capabilities. All you and they have to do is have a root app and just press “Share my order” and you can text, email, airdrop, etc. tracking information !!

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Method 2 ( Get Tracking Number )

If you know the shipment tracking number then you can easily track the package. Make sure you you have the details of the Logistic Company, now go to that particular Logistic website and their track the shipment details with tracking ID. For example if your friend orr relative has bought any items for you and it has been shipped via USPS or UPS then you can visit or

Method 3 (Account Access)

Ask the person to share his or her Amazon account login details.You can sign in and get the order delivery status and tracking information.

Method 4 (Email Message)

Amazon sends confirmation message when seller ship the items. The email contains all tracking details.Ask the person who bought items for you to share the confirmation message so that you can track order.

Above are the all possible ways to track the parcel/packages from Amazon if someone else ordered for you.If you know any alternative methods , please share with us.

Track Amazon Order From Someone Else - Easy & Fast

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